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Need something designed ? Where size does not matter ?

In May this year I will enter my 65th year and with a career of design ranging from single pieces of furniture to complete villas from the ground up, I have decided to take on specific design commissions using the many decades of experience that I have gained. This also gives me more excuses to work from home and indeed, I love that.

Over the years I have achieved recognition from the design industry, been published, done a little bit on UK TV, Radio, written for UK National papers and magazines and generally enjoyed myself enormously... and by the way, I have no intention of retiring, ever, but instead adopting a more relaxed way of doing business.... My art will soon feature on at least two NFT sites, and I am continuing with a landmark villa design soon to begin construction in Dubai.

So, for those who are seeking something special by way of say a kitchen, bathroom, study, etc and which requires a depth in knowledge of cabinet construction and style.. then drop me a message and lets see what I can do for you....

Size does not matter, but quality does....

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