Emirates Hills 49

One of my earlier villas remodels in Dubai, and where the client had to make the decision between demolition or refurbishment.. They chose to remodel the entire villa and grounds..

This was a complete remodel, meaning that not one room remained as it started, and every window was changed, every wall altered, and a complete new electrical, plumbing and Hvac system... in what I would consider this to be a 85% remodel and very close to becoming a demolition for a new build...   But the transformation was 100%, and the clients, family and friends all rejoiced in the total makeover both architecturally, and in the full interior design package.

The garden underwent a complete reversal moving all elements and adding garage, pool, spa and staff accomodation...


PO Box 390124

By appointment: Moving to Jumeirah One..

Summer 2020, Dubai


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