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Andrew Bannister started in the building of stage sets in Eastbourne, UK, for the Devonshire Park Theatre and the lighting at the Congress theatre as well as the Royal Hippodrome, whilst at the same time, attending Eastbourne College of Art and Design, but it did not last long, because he was offered and took the challenge of working on cruise liners, as the set and lighting designer, aboard the Shaw Saville Line ( long gone ) back in the Mid 1970's. 

On returning to the UK, after having travelled the Pacific and Mediterranean, he soon realised that he needed focus, and so he joined the Royal Air Force as a photographer, where he stayed for 6 years... but the longing to design never left him, and as soon as he left in 1982, he set about building a career as a designer and later, an Architect.

In the early years he designed gardens, then kitchens, bathrooms, dressing rooms, and then one day, a satisfied client requested he design his entire house in Cambridge, and so from then on he designed in all forms and sizes and shapes.   Along the way he picked up 12 awards for his design from UK Industry Awards and then in 2006 he discovered, Dubai.

His first project in Emirates Hills was the reason why he moved to Dubai, Andrew could see that the opportunities in the UAE were there to be had, along with the challenges, and something completely different to anything he had known before.

He had flirted with national TV in the UK, and is published by Sterling Publishing of New York, but Dubai was his destination, and to this day remains his home.. so he left behind the cold and entered the world of sand, heat and opportunity.. !

Among Andrew's work are projects as large as 800 hectares in Zambia, as the Executive Director for a development company Pardesi, he is also evolving the concept for a 2 square mile development in Fujairah directly for His Highness and his Private Bureau, and of course, he has designed and overseen the construction and finishing of several bespoke villas here in Dubai.  Some of which you will see on this website. Not forgetting he is regarded as one of the very best in Kitchen and Bathroom design, furniture and generally.. anything that requires considered thought processes in Design...

Although his education was unconventional, he is often asked for advice on all matters relating to design, architecture and developing, and as a multi award winning designer, he relishes the challenge of sharing his vast experience with talent, no matter the age..

A beautiful Wife, three adult "children", two adopted dogs, three adopted cats, a fish tank for luck and of course a constant stream of his family members, either staying permanently or temporary at his villa in Dubai.

When he finds spare time he plays golf and also enjoys mucking about on his boat... a never ending receptacle of money ! He paints in oil, and also dabbles in digital art forms, he writes for others who find striking a sentence difficult and enjoys a life full of variation and creativity.

Andrew is also involved helping to establish a way of thinking about the wasteful ways we live as human being, he calls this the "Circular Resolve" tm.. where as humans we need to adopt a full circular way of living and help nature do what it does naturally...  Teaming up with a group of international plastic waste, recycling and soon to be waste to energy companies, Andrew is trying to do his bit to educate for a greener existence.. 

And if that was not enough, he is also helping to establish an amazing eco friendly fire fighting technology to arrive in the Middle East and beyond.. proving that fighting fires can be sustainable and better than just water alone, powder or more conventional fire fighting foam systems.. 

He is also helping to found Long Term Care Homes in the UAE, which he see's as a social deed, and he is helping to show how those who need our help, be it in their later years or from illness or accident, need care 24/7 and so the environment in which they live, must be as comfortable and environmentally friendly as possible.. where family and friends can visit.. honouring the family, embracing nature.. he has strong views on this.. when we need help, the society around us should help.. because not all are fortunate to have health in body and mind.. so if you are one of the lucky ones, you should do something for those less lucky.

More recently Andrew has been invited to add his acumen to plastic recycling here in the UAE and also in Europe, UK and eventually the USA.  Using logic and his never ending pursuit to know more about everything he applies his skills to, Andrew has established that a circular economy in the recycling of plastics can be achieved by adopting differing disciplines and bringing them together to form a better circular system that feeds from one another fro collection, separation to processing and re-manufacturing.  The opportunities are boundless... 

Andrew regards his architecture and design as his life work, each client, project or commission will get the same attention to detail and of course his vast experience spanning three decades and counting..but if you ever have the chance to meet with him in his home, where he has an office, you will find him at his computer at any time of day, conceiving new ideas, adapting old ones, thinking and preparing ways to process waste plastics, dabbling in another oil on canvass, discussing on video conferences ways to make the lives of our elderly more comfortable, reaching out to grid scale power generation through his position as the Ambassador for Corre.energy... a green energy storage system that will bring even and consistent power to a grid system that suffers the effects of solar and wind energy and the peaks and troughs that this causes.....   You will find him writing extensively for those who need to explain to others their ideas, talking to students of design, discussing investment opportunities in emerging markets and showing how fires can be prevented, contained and extinguished using a special foam system that he has decided to back, globally.   You may find him rubbing shoulders with celebrities, shying away from self indulgent promotional opportunities, and preferring to take a 20 minute power sleep on his office sofa.. so that when he awakes he can embark on another idea or business opportunity.. "I am 64 years old, I have so much more to do, the clock keeps ticking... no time to waste.. so let's get on with it"


Contact Andrew for your project and you will find him very approachable, understanding, thoughtful and most importantly creative, with an eye to finding solutions and creative designs that transcend fashion and instead give you something for a lifetime. Because where we live work or play is as vital as what we do and how we live.  If you are what you eat, then your surroundings will help you to develop your character...but only if you invest into your environment and learn from what it offers you...  AB