Nad Al Sheba

I took on this villa where the original design had already begun, but the client was most unhappy, and with good reason.

The basic layout was fine, but the position of the doors and windows and no sun shading, had to be improved.. Fortunately I was able to stop the construction, which gave me little time to redesign the exterior, and tweak the interiors...  My client, a local Dubai citizen, was young and eager to have something special and modern..  Finishing detailing was a challenge, but between us, we arrived at the perfect blend of minimal white and dark wood porcelain tiling, with anthracite windows frames and a large pivot bespoke front door in solid wood with stainless steel surround..

The garden is at the front, and a carefully positioned pool to the left of a path where I used glass inserts with back lighting for effect...

An enjoyable project and of course we are still in contact for the odd coffee and hopefully always will...