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Floating on a pool of light ?

I have been fascinated with off site construction for a long time now and being challenged with the creation of a garden room here in Dubai, my mind wandered from wood to steel to glass to composites...

The construction of a 'room' that can be easily lifted into place appealed to me and so I went about trying to both find suitable manufacturers and designs for my quest. Of course I came up with plenty of ideas, but making them fit for purpose and within budget, thats the hard bit.

The ABPod, see here, is a variation of a gazebo idea I had for the Palm Jumeirah a few years ago, except now it is fully enclosed and can have air conditioning and all them of cons you would expect for a quality product. Constructed in a combination of steel and composite materials it can be varied in size simply by adding extra 'pods' as you need. It is available in two lengths and multiple depths of just over 2m each and with optional sun and rain extension covers each just over 1m in depth. LED Lighting, a limitless variety of internal finishes and bespoke furniture if thats what you fancy. The glazing is double glazed with heat film and comes in either Upvc or aluminium, the choice is yours... Just drop me your challenge and we will do the rest.

So, if perhaps you need a new home office in the garden, a play room for the kids, a lads or ladies getaway... pool side room... here is one of my options for you.. and in this design it even looks like its floating on light ! copyright Andrew J Bannister all rights reserved 2016/2020

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