Modular buildings are fast becoming more widely accepted for construction solutions and flexible functionality.  We work closely with fabricators to construct to our designs a range of containers / pods / rooms suitable for almost any purpose.  Garden rooms, medical centres, food and beverage, extra space, music rooms, gyms, spas, radio studios, really.. just about anything...   

This is an exciting departure from concrete, and where we use boxes that no longer look like boxes, and where off site construction can then be lifted into position in just days, meaning fast onsite construction, lower construction rates, quicker client approval and ideal for those needing something temporary, that is also permanent .. !

Maybe this is a part of the future, where construction is truly transportable, adaptable, reusable and maintains great design and more importantly, wonderful to use, work and live in...

Watch this space for a EXPO2020 launch.. hopefully coming soon, right here on this website from Andrew J Bannister


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