Penthouse Level 99

The largest penthouse in the Burj Khalifa, with surely the largest balcony of nearly 2000sqft.  Overcoming many obstacles, and taking the penthouse from a bare shell and core state, to a finished, move in apartment is a pleasure to design and fit-out.

Being trusted with this very important commission has encountered a few challenges along the way, which could only be found under the scope of working in the worlds tallest building...and where the penthouse stood empty for many years, before one of my trusted clients purchased it with the sole aim to develop it into a fit state for a sale...

It is now finished and you can see some of the before and after photos here on my website

If you have a large apartment or penthouse, we can offer you a special service as one of the few companies in Dubai to have designed on levels FROM 96 upwards... !  Burj Khalifa, Princess Tower are included in our portfolio....