The whole way that we have worked in the past, is about to change forever.. so much has been said about working from home before the virus crisis came upon us, but now it is more relevant than ever before.. and in my opinion, it is here to stay...

So how do we go about changing our working lives and daily routines ? and from my perspective, how can we transform a part of our homes to accommodate for working from home, or do we add an extension... Truth is that we will soon find out, and if it's as I suspect, then you may need our help, and to ease you through the process.

Maybe all you need is a quiet space and a good internet connection, but if you would like somewhere more befitting your profile and company image, then perhaps you want something a little more.

And don't think you will always be by yourself, because I predict that on occasion you will be entertaining business clients and colleagues at home, a secure environment away from the family, and best suited for purpose.

Because even if the virus comes to a complete end, we are already finding benefits in working from home, less travelling, fuel consumption, burden on the environment, your personal time in travelling... the benefits are massive and although working from home will not suit everyone and their occupations, it will work for a huge number of us and I am one for sure...


In fact I am already making plans as how to best manage my space... right now ...

Me looking a bit scruffy, the joys of working from home ...


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Summer 2020, Dubai

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