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Andrew is not only an architect

"Maybe because of my passion to stay forever young, or my ability to understand and be involved in industries outside of design, I have taken on the responsibilities to engage and further my knowledge and then share that with others"

The Story

Corre Energy .. 

With the head office in The Netherlands, Corre Energy is a Long Duration Energy Storage leading company in Europe and soon to be in the USA and the Middle East.   Andrew is the Regional Director for Corre Energy based in Dubai and making links to federal and industry to enable Corre Energy to develop new relationships with industries that use green energy to supply the needs of industry and state.  The team behind Corre Energy is infamous in its abilities and knowledge as as a key member of the LDEC Long Duration Energy Council, Corre Energy is growing at a fast pace to help to ensure the world turns greener and as soon as possible.  Using tried and tested methods of storing green energy for long duration makes the company unique and able to deliver.  With ongoing projects in both The Netherlands and Denmark, and with newer projects on the way in Europe, Andrew's role in the Middle East may at this time appear to be less critical than the needs in Europe, but to him, no matter where you are in the world, the need to store green energy is not only important but critical...  

Meet The Team

Our Clients

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